Odisee_Infomarkt_2019_v2_FB Banner

Stuvo+ Infomarket

Stuvo+, the student counselling office of Odisee Hogeschool in Brussels, asked me
to create the branding of their annual opening information market of 2018 and 2019. The event targets freshmen and offers them a chance to be welcome into their new school, but returning students can also go and enjoy food, drinks and live music. Student unions, mobility and sports services and culture houses come together to offer information and hand out goodies.

Branding concept for a cultural magazine that celebrates the everyday normality and the mundane, by accepting the fact that not every moment of our day is filled with excitement. Off Course believes that there is beauty in seemingly nonpivotal stillness, and that it only takes one attentive observer to find it.


The 2019 branding was based on arches and internet tabs, a wink to the old and the new, a fresh start at a scholar academy (Odisee) and what new students have always grown up with (the internet and mobile connectivity). The intention was to create a loud and bold statement where the message is immediately recognisable through repetition and the use of black against a white background.

In 2018, the design was more simple and less dominant. By modifying rectangles slightly, it gives the impression of doors opening or flags waving, indicating where the meeting point is. The shapes also indicate movement, which is exactly what Odisee Hogeschool aims to be: an active and dynamic place where students can find their true potential, endlessly searching and changing to fit each student's personality.

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