Branding concept for a cultural magazine that celebrates the everyday normality and the mundane, by accepting the fact that not every moment of our day is filled with excitement. OFF Course believes that there is beauty in seemingly nonpivotal stillness, and that it only takes one attentive observer to find it.

The visual branding hints at a seemingly 'failed design' of a typeface that was originally made to strive for 'perfection'. By altering the original shapes, the brand gets a personality that fits the idea of going off the normal course, referring to the publication's brand name. Visuals such as order forms and prints use play on words that give the brand a youthful and approachable appearance, and the colours are based on the photographs that are featured within the magazine to create a cohesion between the stationary and the magazine's content.

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Poster CollectionGraphic design, Illustration

OFF COURSE — ISSUE 1Graphic Design

Michaël Kin / Michael ChinGraphic Design, Photography



CollectedGraphic Design

IK ≠ IKGraphic Design

TROEPGaphic Design, Illustration

Synchronised SwimmerIllustration

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