The question of who I am is something I struggle with on a daily basis. Michaël Kin / Michael Chin is an exploration of cultural identity, memory and photo manipulation, as shown by personal photos and found footage.

The photo manipulation used in this project raises the question of the reliability of the camera and the power that images have over the objectivity of our memories of the past.

The final result is a photo album that tells two similar life stories, that of a "cauc-asian" family (Michaël Kin) and that of an Asian family (Michael Chin).

The photos are tilted in the middle of the book, which forces the reader to turn the book upside down to continue the story, an action that automatically changes the reading direction as a reference to classic Asian books.

Accompanying the project is a small booklet that assembles the original source photos that were used for their faces, hairstyles and objects, placed next to the edited images used in Michaël Kin / Michael Chin.

Scan 17 2

Golden vinyl stickers read Michaël Kin and Michael
Chin on the two covers of the photo album.

An additional 'before and after' book shows which images were copied for the manipulated photos.

Scan 23

The pages turn in the middle of the album, forcing the reader to turn the book around and change the reading direction.

Photo manipulation is used to change hairstyles, faces, backgrounds and objects to create obscure images, whilst old documents and memorabilia shaped the design and lay-out.

Scan 17

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