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How reliable is photography? When I release the shutter of my camera, does the picture I see always portray what happens in front of me in an objective way; and what happens when someone else takes a photo of the same subject at the same time? Would we end up with two exact copies of an image?

This project questions the objectiveness of photography and the many ways of seeing it offers us, thanks to composition, cropping, manipulation and the power of found footage, from story narrations to the selfie culture.

Branding concept for a cultural magazine that celebrates the everyday normality and the mundane, by accepting the fact that not every moment of our day is filled with excitement. Off Course believes that there is beauty in seemingly nonpivotal stillness, and that it only takes one attentive observer to find it.

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IK ≠ IK loosely translates to 'I am not me', referring to the idea that what you see is not always what you get. The way in which we take and edit photos shapes both our opinions of what is being depicted, as well as the visual characteristics of the image. Featured works include those from Catrin Morgan, Ha Bik-Chuen, Tal R., Quentin De Briey and Chino Otsuka, amongst others.

The question of who I am is something I've struggled with for a long time. Cultural identity, memory and photo manipulation are explored by using personal photos and found footage. The photo manipulation used in this project questions the reliability of the camera and the power that images have over the objectivity of our memories of the past.

The outcome is a photo album that tells two similar life stories, that of a "cauc-asian" family (Michaël Kin) and that of an Asian family (Michael Chin). The photos are tilted in the middle of the book, which forces the reader to turn the book upside down to continue the story, an action that automatically changes the reading direction as a reference to classic Asian books.

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Studio Micchi is a non-award winning Belgian graphic design and illustration practice by Michael Chin, focusing on branding, printed matter and illustration. Open to both short and long term work commitments. Let's get in touch!