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Small collective work, shaped by personal interests. The name translates to both 'junk' and 'a collection' in Dutch.

Off Course Branding

Concept hinting at a seemingly 'failed design' of a typeface that was originally made to strive for 'perfection'. By altering the shapes, the brand goes off the normal course, referring to the publication's name.

Off Course

Publication concept about the less sensational or climatic moments of the day. It only takes one attentive observer to find beauty in seemingly nonpivotal stillness and the mundane.

Poster Series

For clients such as Ryú (Montreal), Museumnacht Gent (rejected) and as personal exercises.

Michaël Kin/Michael Chin

An exploration of cultural identity, memory and photo manipulation, as shown by personal photos and found footage.


About the art of collecting and archiving, from Fritz Kahn's human bodies to Frederik Ruysch's vanitas.


Loosely translates to 'I am not me', questioning the objectiveness of photography due to composition, cropping, manipulation and the power of found footage, from story narrations to the selfie culture.

Studio Micchi is a non-award winning Belgian graphic design and illustration practice by Michael Chin, who developed a love for personal stories and experiences, culture and human behaviour. His work focuses on printed matter, branding, illustration... and everything in between. When not being creative, you can catch him binge watching all of his favourite Netflix shows, doing side lunges or singing out loud to himself. Blessed day. ☻

Open to both short and long term work commitments.
+32(0)497 35 14 73
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